What Is Snapfish?

The way in which we share photos and create photo gifts has changed a great deal in the past few years. Snapfish is an Internet leader in bringing the photo printing, storing, editing and gift making tasks into individual homes. With a digital camera, creating a high quality, photo-personalized gift can easily be accomplished in minutes without leaving the comfort of your home. Snapfish will even deliver your item to the recipient for you. Additionally, sharing hundreds of photos or videos online with people around the world becomes an easy task for the least technologically advanced person with their online tools.



According to Hewlett-Packard, Snapfish, a Division of Hewlett-Packard, has 70 million members in 20 over countries worldwide and endorsements from many major companies from "PC World" to "Good Housekeeping." Snapfish offers free unlimited online storage, editing and sharing. It also offers gift creation and photo printing retail services. The company advertises over 100 photo customizable gifts.

Upload Photos

Snapfish offers three options for getting your photos on the site. You can upload them directly from your phone or camera using the Snapfish website. Another option requires that you email your photos to the site and they are posted on the site for you. As a third option, Snapfish has a software program called Picture Mover that promises a fast and seamless transfer of your photos to its site. The Picture Mover software is free to download. If you do not have a digital camera, Snapfish also accepts traditional film mailed to them to be developed and put on the site for you.

Photo Sharing

Snapfish offers more than a place to order gifts and photos. Often, sharing a large number of photos with others is a difficult, cumbersome and time-consuming task. Storing and sharing a limitless number of photos on Snapfish free provides a solution to this problem. Share your photos on your account page where anyone can see them or create a private viewing room and invite only those people who you want to see them using the Snapfish easy links. Viewers may then order any print or photo gift they choose from your photos. For a fee, Snapfish also offers video sharing.

Photo Editing

Edit your photos on Snapfish with its free and user-friendly tools. The edit tools assist you in creating professional-looking photos so that ordering gifts personalized with the perfectly arranged photo is easy. With its tools, cropping, editing colors, removing redeye, adding borders or tints and creating captions can be accomplished without special knowledge or skills. The edit tools allows you to turn your photo into a work of art, not simply crop and adjust color.

Photo Gifts

Personalized photo gifts no longer require a trip to the store and a lengthy wait. Snapfish provides over 100 different photo gifts, cards, posters and stationary products. Use the Snapfish sorting tools to help you find the right gift by occasion or recipient. Once you have uploaded, edited and saved your photos, search through the photo gifts and locate the one you wish to create. After completing it, you can choose to have it shipped to your home or to pick it up in a local store listed on the website.