What Is the Benefit to Having a Smartphone?

When mobile phones were first introduced, they were bulky hand-held devices that could only make and receive calls. Today's mobile phones have evolved and can now perform multiple tasks, earning many the label of "smartphone."

Smartphones perform multiple functions in addition to making and receiving phone calls.

Communication Tools

Perhaps the most-used benefits of a smartphone are its communication tools. Most smartphones have the ability to send and receive email, while others can also utilize web-based instant messaging.

Internet Access

Smartphones have the ability to connect to the Internet using wireless technology. This is a benefit to users who may not want to carry a laptop. Almost every smartphone, including popular models made by companies like BlackBerry and Apple, include a web browser as a standard application.


Smartphones include a variety of multimedia capabilities, including the ability to play music, watch videos and take photos and videos. Also, most smartphones have expandable storage capabilities, making them beneficial for people who prefer to store several multimedia files in one device.

Other Features

Most smartphones include applications such as a calendar, calculator and document reader. Also, such a phone will often have the ability to download a wide array of software applications that you may find useful.