What Is the Difference Between DIRECTV & Dish Network?

Satellite TV is the biggest, most consistant competitor to cable television. Of the available satellite television providers, the two consistantly rated highest are Dish Network and Direct TV.


With a purchase of service, both brands offer free installation, which can take anywhere from one to seven business days.


Some channel packages and options differ for both services. Direct TV offers more sports programs and packages (such as the NFL Sunday Ticket for football fans), whereas the Dish Network offers more international programming and adult programming.


To stay competitive, these two companies offer many of the same bonus features. Each company provides DVR systems, HD programming, and special viewing options for an additional price.


Both Direct TV and Dish Network are satellite television systems. This means inclement weather and cloud cover that interferes with the satellite signal will affect both services.

Customer Service

When it comes to reporting complaints and discussing service, both companies are highly rated by their customers.