What Is the Importance of MS Excel?

By Louise Balle

If you're familiar with the Microsoft Office suite of software, you probably know a little about Microsoft Excel. This simple spreadsheet program has a number of important uses for both individuals and business owners.


Microsoft Excel lets you store and analyze data in a spreadsheet format. The software uses a series of cells (intersections with columns and rows) to structure the information for quick reference.


Unlike a database program such as Access, Excel performs calculations using formulas. The formulas range from simple addition to complex calculations from trigonometry. Excel also lets you take a snapshot of data you enter into the spreadsheet and transform it into a chart.


Businesses can use Excel to keep track of expenses, income, customer data and inventory. This information is available immediately with a few keystrokes, giving businesses the ability to analyze data and make quick adjustments.Excel helps personal users create budgets or list obligations. She can analyze the information to decide if she should adjust her spending or determine how much money she needs to accomplish a financial goal. Excel even offers budgeting templates.