What Is the Trojan BHO?

There are dozens of Browser Help Object (BHO) trojans. All of these trojans have the ability to seriously impair your computer. Thus, you should remove any BHO trojans as soon as possible.

A trojan BHO shows up in your Internet browser.

Browser Help Object

A Browser Help Object, or BHO, is an application that you can add to your Internet browser. For example, the Google Toolbar is a Browser Help Object.


A trojan, sometimes called a trojan horse, is a malicious program that disguises itself as a legitimate program. Thus, most trojans do not infect a computer by way of a remote hacker, but rather are downloaded voluntarily by users.

Browser Help Object Trojan

A BHO trojan refers to a trojan that disguises itself as a legitimate Browser Help Object. For example, Adware.MediaBack, SmartEnhancer, Internet Speed Monitor, HyperBar, and WinTools are BHO trojans.


BHO trojans generally change your Internet settings. For example, your Internet homepage may change or your Internet searches may be redirected to random websites. In addition, BHO trojans generally slow your computer and may generate pop-up advertisements.


BHO trojans can be removed automatically by running an up-to-date antivirus program. Alternatively, you can remove a BHO trojan manually by deleting all associated processes, registry entries, DLLs and files. Manual removal is not recommended unless you are an advanced user.