What to Do If You Lost Your Cell Phone?

There are several options to replace your cell phone if you have lost it. Before replacing it, you should notify your carrier that it is gone and make sure that no one is using it to make calls. If someone does use the cell phone and your carrier is aware, you will most likely not be responsible for any charges that are incurred.

Call the Phone and Last Known Locations

Call your cell phone to see if someone has found it. In some cases, the finder may have given it to a salesperson, waiter or manger who may answer if you call the phone. Keep trying until you you are convinced that it is truly lost.

Remember the last time and place you know you had your phone and call placed that you visited afterward. You may have dropped the phone or set it on a table or counter by mistake. An employee may have picked it up and given it to the manager who may have been too busy to investigate.

Speak With Your Carrier

Call your cell phone company and let them know you have lost your phone. This will allow them to set a time and date to see if the phone is being used by someone else. If your phone uses a SIM card, which contains the information for your cell phone account, the company can deactivate it and a new one can be issued. If you have another kind of phone service, the cell phone company can deactivate it within its computer system. This will prevent any extra charges to your account after the phone is gone.

Shop for a New Phone

Purchase a new phone from your cell phone company or one of the many online cell phone vendors. If you are not eligible for an upgrade, your cell company may charge you hundreds of dollars for a new phone. Aftermarket online companies sell phones on the Internet for a reduced price; many of these phones are available new, some are refurbished, and all should come with a warranty.

Buy a new or used phone from an eBay seller. You can get a great deal on a phone by checking eBay. Just make sure that the phone you choose will work with your cell phone carrier. With an eBay cell phone purchase, you may not get the technical support that would come with a purchase from your cell phone company.