What to Do If Your iPod Gets Wet

By Shanika Chapman

The Apple iPod is a highly popular portable media player with many iterations, including the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, and iPod Touch. They have the ability to store music, and in some cases photos and videos, on internal memory in the form of an internal hard drive or flash memory. In the event that your iPod gets wet, there is a good chance you can save your investment if you respond to the situation quickly.

Turn the iPod Off

Whether your iPod has had a little liquid spilled on it or has been completely submerged, the first step you should take is to power off the device if it is on. This will help protect the circuits inside. Most, but not all, electrical components won't be damaged by water if they do not have any power going through them. By turning the device off, you have the best chance of avoiding any real damage. In addition, do not attempt to charge the device at any point while trying to fix your wet iPod.

Dry the iPod

It is time to get down to removing the moisture. First, use a towel to soak up any liquid on the outside of the unit. Now, you can place the iPod in front of a fan to help speed the drying process. Placing the iPod in a bag of rice can also help greatly, as the rice will absorb the liquid. Regardless of how you dry the iPod, be sure to wait at least 24 hours--48 hours or more is recommended--before attempting to turn it on, unless a small amount of liquid was spilled on it and you can verify that it has all been removed. Shaking the water out of the unit can also help speed the process, but after shaking, the unit still needs to be left to dry for a considerable amount of time. If you feel you have the expertise and your iPod's warranty has expired, consider taking the unit apart to dry it out, as this will increase your chances of removing all moisture.

Warranty Replacement

The iPod comes with a standard warranty, which does not cover water damage. That being said, many iPod users have purchased extended warranty plans through third parties, such as the retailer where the iPod was purchased. Also, many credit card companies offer an additional year onto any manufacturer's warranty. Either way, examine the details of your warranty, and see if it covers water damage, or at least doesn't implicitly deny coverage for water damage. You may find that your iPod is covered under your warranty, and can easily be replaced or repaired via the terms of your warranty.