Where to Download Real Player Plus for Free

Real Player Plus is a digital media player that you can download to your computer. It is compatible with a variety of multimedia formats, including MP3, QuickTime, WindowsMedia and Real Audio. You can use it to listen to streaming music, watch videos, browse the web, record audio, burn CDs, share videos and more. The newest version of Real Player Plus is now available on a paid basis, and there are a few options available in order to download Real Player Plus for free.

Free Trial Pass

If you are interested in Real Player Plus but you do not want to pay for it, consider a free trial pass. A free trial pass let’s you try out Real Player Plus for free for 14 days to get a feel for how the multimedia player works. You can watch and transfer videos to your iPod, burn DVDs, listen to streaming music and more without paying a single cent. Once your free trial pass is up, you can then decide if it is worth it to pay a monthly fee for all of the features Real Player Plus has to offer.

The following websites offer a free trial pass for Real Player Plus:

www.downloadfreeplayer.com www.softpedia.com www.realplayerweb.com

Free Coupons

If you are not interested in a free trial pass, consider using a coupon to receive a discount off of the total price of Real Player Plus. Couponcraze.com offers coupons to purchase Real Player Plus for half of the price. Simply redeem your coupon and use it when you purchase and download Real Player Plus from RealPlayer.com.

Free Alternatives

If you are not interested in paying for Real Player Plus, then consider downloading other multimedia player versions for free. Real Player SP is available for free at www.real.com. It's a decent alternative and you don’t have to pay for additional features. You can play music, watch and share videos on Facebook and Twitter, sync with your cell phone or Ipod, and play games without spending a dime.

Free Downloads

There are certain file-sharing websites, such as www.rapidshareindex.com, which permit you to download Real Player Plus for free without a free trial pass or a monthly service fee. However, before downloading any software from the Internet, make sure that it is a reliable and trustworthy website. Many of the websites that offer free downloads of Real Player Plus can infect your computer with viruses.