Which Cables Do I Need to Connect My PC to a TV?

Entertainment websites give many people the desire to connect their PC to their television. In order to do this, you will need to have a specific type of cable. Once this cable is connected, images and sound from your computer will play through your television.

Your PC can connect to your TV with the proper cables.

Choose a Cable

In order to connect your PC to your television, you will need to check the input port of your television set with the output port of your computer. The different types of ports are HDMI, DVI, VGA, composite video and S-Video. If you aren’t sure which port type your devices have, check your device manuals or visit the link in the Resources section.


After purchasing the cable from your desired location, connect the cord to the television and computer accordingly. You may have to turn the computer off before connecting in order to have the computer recognize the connection.


Once the computer and the television are connected, you may have to configure both in order for the sound and video to display properly. In order to hear sound directly from your computer to the television, the connection type must be an HDMI connection. For other connections, a set of external speakers or connection to a stereo system is necessary.