Why an iPhone Doesn't See Wi-Fi

Your iPhone comes equipped with the ability to switch seamlessly between a Wi-Fi network and your cellphone service provider for data transfer. Using a Wi-Fi connection is often faster and cheaper than using your phone's data plan, so it can be disconcerting when your iPhone doesn't seem to recognize the presence of Wi-Fi. Some troubleshooting tips can help you get back on track with a reliable Wi-Fi connection for surfing the web, emailing, and playing games.

Your Wi-Fi connection may not be on.

Wi-Fi is off

Your iPhone gives you the capability to toggle your Wi-Fi access on and off, depending on the type of connection you have and whether or not you'd rather use your service provider's data plan. If your Wi-Fi is in the "off" position, your phone will not actively search for a signal. To turn your Wi-Fi back on, touch the "Settings" button and then choose "Wi-Fi." Touch the Wi-Fi button to ensure that it is in the blue "On" position. If you're within range, you'll see Wi-Fi choices appear directly below.

Wi-Fi Isn't in Range

If your phone's Wi-Fi is on but you still don't see any signals, you may be too far out of range for your iPhone to detect the connection. Even if you're at home, heading out to the deck could sever a connection, since certain common home-building materials, such as concrete, may block a wireless signal. You may need to move to a better position to find the wireless signal and have it register on your iPhone.

Wi-Fi is Protected

If you can see Wi-Fi on your iPhone's options and try to connect to it with no avail, the Wi-Fi may be password protected. A small lock icon beside the Wi-Fi network shows that you'll need a password to access the signal. Many businesses and personal residences password-protect their wireless signals to deter signal-stealing or to protect personal information and files. If you're in a place of business, simply ask for the password to connect. Otherwise, you'll need to find another network or use your data service instead.

Wi-Fi Is Down

Occasionally the problem with the Wi-Fi doesn't have anything to do with your iPhone, but the wireless signal itself. If your Wi-Fi is down, none of your Wi-Fi-enabled devices will be able to detect a signal. Attempt to connect with a laptop or other device to ensure the Wi-Fi connection is functioning properly before you assume your iPhone is malfunctioning. If it's your signal, contact your Internet service provider for further assistance.