Why Can't I Get Into My Likes List on Facebook?

By Will Conley

Facebook changes the way it organizes your profile, networks, connections and likes every so often. The service no longer stores all of your likes in one place, but rather spreads them out into different categories in your personal profile. Furthermore, not all likes are stored and accessible for viewing.

Where Likes Are Located

All of your likes that Facebook saves for future reference are in the info section of your Facebook profile. To get there, log in to Facebook, click "Profile" and then click "Info" in the left sidebar. Scroll to the "Activities and Interests" section. These are your likes.

How Likes Are Categorized

Facebook breaks down your likes into three broad categories: "Activities," "Interests" and "Other." The first two are visible in the information section of your profile. The first few likes in each category are represented by thumbnail images. You can see more likes by clicking the "More" button below each category. The "Other" category appears when you click the small "Show Other Pages" link below the "Interests" section. These appear not as thumbnails but as text links.

Getting More Information About Your Likes

Clicking one of your likes while viewing your info section reveals the underlying Facebook page. If the like is an administered Facebook page, you can interact with it by posting on its wall and writing comments on posts. If the like is a general interest with no administrator, you can't post anything. You can, however, see who else likes the page and who has recently mentioned the topic the page represents.

Which Likes Are Not Stored

Facebook doesn't store all of your likes for later reference. You can reference only the likes that have their own Facebook pages. For example, your likes on comments don't appear in your info section. Furthermore, if you've liked something on an external website, your like may not be stored because website administrators implement Facebook functionality according to their own preferences.