Why Does a Computer Freeze Up & Run Slow?

There are many reasons why a computer may freeze and run slowly. This behavior doesn’t necessarily mean that the computer is faulty or that you have a computer virus.

A computer may freeze and run slowly for a variety of reasons.


Your computer may just be running slowly because it has insufficient resources to perform all of the tasks being asked of it.

Some low-cost computers are poorly specified with memory (RAM) and can struggle to do anything beyond running the operating system and background software. You may wish to consider a RAM upgrade for your machine, which is inexpensive and can noticeably boost performance.


Other things can cause your PC to run slowly. Computers can perform several tasks simultaneously depending on how much memory they have available. Try to close any programs you are not using to free up more capacity.

If you have programs installed that you no longer use, these should be removed.


Frequently using disk defragmentation software and ensuring your computer is clear of malware and viruses are important. Ensure these programs are kept up to date and that you use the scanning features regularly.