Why Does My Bluetooth Pairing Fail?

By Maya Walker

A growing number of mobile phone users employ a Bluetooth headset to communicate hands-free. The use of a headset while driving is considered to be safer than holding the phone. When pairing a Bluetooth headset with a device, you may experience issues.


Although most Bluetooth-enabled devices are compatible, there is a chance that the devices you are attempting to pair are not. The easiest way to check compatibility is to review the list of compatible devices in the user guide for either your headset or mobile phone.

Incorrect Passkey

A passkey is a number that is assigned to a Bluetooth-enabled device. The passkey is necessary for one device to associate with another. Incorrectly entering the passkey for a Bluetooth device prevents a successful pairing. Check the passkey to ensure that you are entering the correct digits. By default, the passkey for many Bluetooth headsets is either "1234" or "0000."


Ensure the Bluetooth headset is fully charged before attempting to pair it with a device. Depending on your headset, the LED light may flash either red, blue or purple when it is fully charged. It may be necessary to charge the headset for at least two to three hours to ensure it is charged.