Why Does My iPhone Freeze?

Apple's iPhone is a smartphone device that allows you to access email, the Internet and a diverse range of mobile applications, in addition to quotidian cell phone functions such as calling and text messaging. In spite of its technological prowess, the iPhone experiences minor glitches and malfunctions, such as occasional freezing.

iOS And Memory

Unlike simpler cell phones, the iPhone functions using an actual operating system, much like the one you have on your PC or Mac. Dubbed "iOS," the iPhone's operating system underlies the visual interface you use to navigate through its applications and features. As is the case with your computer's operating system, iOS draws on random access memory, or RAM, to allow it to open and run applications quickly and without errors. If your iPhone's memory becomes overextended, it can result in your device freezing.

Application Glitches

Certain applications can cause your iPhone to freeze, by over-utilizing your device's memory or simply as a result of its own fault. If you find your iPhone often freezes while you use the "Twitter" application, peruse the "App Store" for an available update. In most cases, updating an application to its latest version takes care of freezes and other glitches. If it doesn't, you may need to pursue additional repair options for your iPhone.


Another of the iPhone's features that caan occupy a great deal of the device's operational resources is its built-in camera, which captures still photos -- and, in later versions, video. The camera can become most problematic when used in conjunction with applications. Updating your Facebook status by taking a photo while using the application, for example, requires use of memory reserves not only for the camera, but also for the application simultaneously. Avoid running multiple high-usage applications at the same time if your device regularly freezes.

iPhone Restore

iPhone restore is a procedure that resets your iPhone to its factory defaults and erases its content, with the hopes of restoring the device to a new operational state. If your iPhone experiences frequent freezes, you can't link to one application or usage error, you might try restoring it. To restore your iPhone, connect it to iTunes, click its name in the left pane of the program and click "Restore" within the "Summary" tab. Click "Yes" when iTunes prompts you to back up your iPhone's content, then follow the on-screen instructions to restore your phone.