Why Does My iTunes Keep Popping Up?

In most cases, when you install third-party software programs onto your computer, you have the option of customizing the settings for those programs. This includes the Apple iTunes software. Depending upon how iTunes is configured, you may receive several different types of pop-up windows. To some, these pop-ups are a nuisance, but by changing some of your software settings, you can eliminate them all.

Type Of Pop-Ups

Three primary types of pop-up windows appear in iTunes. iTunes may pop up and launch automatically when your computer is powered on. iTunes may pop up each time you attempt to play CDs or other media on your computer. You may also receive pop-up windows after you manually open iTunes.

When Computer Boots

If your iTunes program automatically pops up when your computer is powered on, the program is configured to automatically launch on system startup. To stop these automatic launches, click your Windows “Start” button. Select “Control Panel.” Click the “Change Startup Programs” link that is located underneath the “Programs” section. This launches “Windows Defender.” A list of programs appear in the left column of Windows Defender. Click “iTunes” from the programs list. Click “Disable.” Click “Yes” to confirm your intentions to disable iTunes from your startup.

When Inserting CD

If iTunes starts each time you insert a CD into your computer, the program is configured to automatically start playing all media. To prevent iTunes from automatically opening for media playback, click your Windows “Start” button. Select “Default Programs.” Click “Change Autoplay Settings.” Remove the check mark from the box labeled “Use Autoplay For All Media And Devices.” Click “Save” to save and apply these changes.

Software Update Prompts

When iTunes is configured to automatically notify you of software updates, you receive iTunes pop-up windows, but only while the application is open. To disable these pop-ups, click “Edit” from the iTunes top menu bar. Select “Preferences.” Click the “General” tab. Locate the box labeled, “Check For Updates Automatically.” Click the box to place a check mark inside of it. Click “OK” to save and apply your settings. If you disable automatic software updates, periodically check for updates to ensure optimal software performance.