Why Does My Wireless Internet Keep Disconnecting?

By Tom McNamara

While wireless Internet technology allows us greater mobility in the home and around town, you may also encounter issues with getting a good signal. This common problem has a variety of origins and also depends on your connection method.


"Wireless Internet" can refer to two different things: a person using a laptop modem card to communicate over a cell phone network, or an environment where the computers are connecting wirelessly to a nearby high-speed modem.

Laptop Broadband Networking

The user with the laptop modem card can resolve the issue the same way a cell phone user does, since they are connecting to a cell phone network: Find a location where you can get stronger signal strength.

Mobilizing for Signal Strength

Terrain can block the laptop user from "seeing" a nearby cell tower, and buildings in an urban environment, like at a coffee shop or at an airport, can cause the same problem. In both cases, seeking higher ground or more a more open area can improve your signal.

Home Wireless

In the home, Wi-Fi access is at its strongest when there is not a wall or floor between you and your modem. Sometimes a microwave or cordless phone will also interfere with the signal.

Drivers and Viruses

Updating your drivers--packages of software that your computer uses to recognize its hardware--can solve performance glitches. You can also use an anti-virus program to scan for malicious programs that could be interfering.