Why Is My Cable TV Fuzzy?

There have been great advances in television transmission over the years, but every now and then a problem will arise. Fuzzy screens, tiling, and even straight black-outs can cause a lot of frustration. There are a variety of reasons why your cable may be acting up, but there are also a variety of solutions on how to fix the problem. Worst-case scenario? Call the company and have them fix it for you.

Static on television
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Fuzzy cable happens when the picture on the screen appears scrambled, much like colored static. Tiling is when the image breaks down into pixels, and sometimes freezes. Tiling can also cause the image to flicker on and off. Black-outs are when the image disappears entirely, and does not return. Make sure you don't have fuzzy cable.

Types of Fuzzy Cable

There are two types of fuzzy cable: fuzzy cable that affects one television set, and fuzzy cable that affects all your television sets. Be sure to figure out which kind you are being hit with.

Fuzzy Cable on One Set

If the cable is fuzzy on only one television, your cables may need replacing. They may be unplugged, improperly plugged in, or not responding to the splitter feed. If you have numerous sets hooked to the same cable signal, the signal may just be too weak to reach this television.

Fuzzy Cable on All Sets

Fuzzy cable on all sets can be your problem, but is most likely a cable company issue. Make sure your input line is hooked up correctly, and that your splitter isn't hooked up backwards. If everything appears fine, call your cable company to see if it's a widespread problem, and to have them come fix it.

Hold Your Account

If it is a cable company issue, have them put a hold on your account--crediting you for the time until the cable returns to normal. The product is broken, and they won't charge you, but you have to ask.