Why Is My PC Running Very Slow?

Over time, unnecessary files can accumulate, spread over a personal computer (PC) and make it frustratingly slow to use. Luckily in many instances a few simple changes can make a PC run much more effectively.

PCs can slow down over time if they are not properly maintained.

Start Up Overload

When you install a new program, it may direct your computer to launch when the computer is turned on. This can become a problem if many programs are launching at the same time and will make a PC run slowly. These programs can be instructed to only launch when you require them.

Fragmented Hard Drive

Files are stored in different places on the computer's hard disk drive, and over time it causes the computer's search function to dramatically slow down, which is known as disk fragmentation. Windows comes with a disk defragmenter which should be used occasionally.

A Full Hard Drive

If the hard drive is almost full, the computer will run more slowly. Temporary files, parts of programs that have not been properly uninstalled and unnecessary files can contribute to slowing down a computer.