Why Is My Talking Tom Cat App Not Downloading?

The Talking Tom Cat app for the iPhone features an animated cat that repeats everything you say in a cute, funny voice. He also responds to your touch; you can pet him, poke him or grab his tail. When you pet him, he purrs. Tom can even scratch the screen. There are several reasons why an app won't download onto your iPhone and once you solve them, the app should start to download so you can use it.

Stuck in Download Mode

If your app is stuck in downloading mode or you can't open or delete it, you may not have enough bandwidth to finish downloading it. If you only have 3G and not Wi-Fi access at the time of purchase, you may not be able to download it, if the app is more than 20 MB and can only be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection. You can also try turning off your iPhone and turning it back on to restart the Internet connection and resume the download.

iTunes Not Installed

If your iPhone does not have iTunes installed on it, when you go to download the Talking Tom Cat app, it will not download. Download and install iTunes onto your iPhone, then create an iTunes account and sign in and see if that gets the app to download onto your iPhone.

No iTunes Account

Check to make sure your iPhone can connect to iTunes and that you have logged into your iTunes Account. If you aren't or you don't have an account, you will need to sign up to download it from the iTunes store.

Other Reasons

If you don't have an iPhone with the system requirements, Talking Tom Cat may not download. If it does download, it will not play on your iPhone. The Talking Tom Cat app requires an iPhone with OS 4.x operating system or an iPhone OS 3.x. At the bare minimum of system requirements, you need to at least have the iOS 3.0 on your iPhone for the app to play.