Why Won't My iPod Charge on My Plug in Wall Charger?

By Robert Schrader

Apple's iPod is a portable music player that allows you to bring literally thousands of songs with you wherever you go. Available in several varieties --- some of which support pictures, videos and even Internet access --- each iPod is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which permits you to use the device even when you're away from a power source. If your iPod isn't charging using your wall charger, it could be due to any of several reasons.

iPod Charging Options

You charge your iPod in one of two ways whenever it runs out of battery: plugging it into a wall socket as you would any other device; or into one of your computer's USB ports, something which also syncs your iPod, unless you've specified that it shouldn't within iTunes. When you plug your iPod into the wall, you plug a 10-pin USB adapter, usually the same one you use with your computer, into a removable adapter that plugs into a wall socket.

Wall Plug Issues

Start with the easiest solution: It's possible that the plug you're using is simply not working. If you've been trying to charge your iPod with only one plug --- because, for example, only one of the plugs in your room is not currently in use --- try using another plug to see if it charges. Alternatively, make sure the plug you're using isn't controlled by a switch and, if it is, that the switch is flipped to the "On" position.

Faulty USB Cable

If you use the same USB cable to plug your iPod into your computer as you do to plug it into the wall, it's possible that a defect with the cable is preventing you from charging the iPod from a wall socket. These cables are lightweight and heavy use, pulling at the connectors and kinking or folding the cable can cause wear that impairs the cable. Check for small cracks in the cable, especially near the ends. To rule out this possible cause of charging failure, plug the iPod into your computer using the USB cable and see if it "docks," or is recognized by your computer. If it does, there is no problem with your USB cable.

Defective Plug Adapter

If your iPod charges using your computer, but not your wall charger, it's possible that your plug adapter itself has become damaged or corrupted. The easiest way to test this is the borrow a friend's plug adapter or visit your local Apple store and ask to use one at the store. If your iPod charges using a different plug adapter, then a problem with yours is to blame.