Why Won't My Yahoo! Messenger Install

By Tricia Goss

Yahoo! Messenger is a popular instant messaging application you can use to communicate via chat, SMS and even web-based voice and video calls. If you are unable to install Yahoo! Messenger, though, you are unable to enjoy all of these benefits. According to Yahoo! Messenger Help, another application running on your computer is likely the cause of installation problems. Temporarily stopping these applications will allow you to install and begin using Yahoo! Messenger.

Step 1

Restart your computer and log in to Windows.

Step 2

Press "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "Esc" to open the Task Manager.

Step 3

Go to the "Processes" tab of the Task Manager window. Select "Show Processes from All Users." This displays all of the processes currently running on your computer.

Step 4

Click the "User Name" heading just below the "Processes" tab to sort the processes by user names on your computer.

Step 5

Click on each process next to your user name or any other user names on the computer one at a time. After selecting the process, click "End Task." Click "Yes" if a prompt asks whether you are sure you want to end the process. Do not end "Explorer" or any processes next to the user name "System." In addition, some processes may be necessary to run your system and Windows will not allow you to end them.

Step 6

Close the Task Manager window after ending the processes. Install Yahoo! Messenger. Restart your computer following the successful installation. Yahoo! Messenger is installed and your background processes are running once more.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pay attention to the name of a process as you stop it from running. If it is a necessary task, ending it may reboot your computer. If so, simply start the procedure again but do not end that process.