Wi-Fi Password Recovery

Secured Wi-Fi networks require a password to access the Wi-Fi network. Several methods exist to recover or change lost Wi-Fi passwords. The preferred method depends on the device or devices involved and the information available. Additional recovery considerations include whether the Wi-Fi connection uses a router or has a direct network connection.

Password Recovery Program

A password manager program can help you to recover a Wi-Fi password. This type of software application interfaces with your computer’s operating system to recover the Wi-Fi password. The utility typically recovers a password by exporting it from its stored location in accessible files such as HTML or text. In many cases, these applications can even recover encrypted passwords that you cannot recover using other methods.

Manual Recovery

To recover a lost password manually without the assistance of a special recovery program, open your computer’s network manager window from the task bar. Select the “Manage Wireless Networks” option and right-click on the network whose password you want to recover. Select the “Properties” option. Under the “Security” tab, select the small box next to the “Show Key” option. When a check mark appears in this box, the security tab displays the password information for the network.

Router or Modem Password

Checking the router or modem is another method for recovering a Wi-Fi password. In some cases, the router or modem has the password key written on a sticker attached to the back or bottom of the device. If the router or modem does not display the password, contact your Internet service provider. If your Internet service provider assigned the Wi-Fi password to you, they can typically recover the password for you or reset the password and assign a new password to you.

Router Reset

If the router does not display the password, reset the router and create a new Wi-Fi password. Most routers have a reset button that you press for 30 to 60 seconds to reset the device. After resetting the router, connect your computer to the router using an Ethernet cable. Open a Web browser on your computer and enter the IP address for the router to access the router’s settings menus. Select the “Security” option and create a new password for the Wi-Fi network.