Will a Person Know How Many Times You View Their Facebook Profile?

By Kay Ireland

Paging through the Facebook profiles of friends, family members and even complete strangers -- affectionately known as "Facebook stalking" -- has practically become a national pastime. The vast wealth of personal information, knowledge and media found on Facebook is unparalleled, and it can be all too tempting to browse through. Whether you're checking up on an ex or reading more about a prospective employee, rest assured that a person will not know if and when you accessed his profile.

Official Stance

Facebook makes it impossible for users to track their personal profile views or identify who has viewed their profile -- it's one of the things that makes Facebook so appealing to millions of users. The information accessed through profile views is available to anyone who has a Facebook account. While you may see applications that make it possible for you to find out who interacts with your Facebook account through comments and likes, Facebook specifically disallows applications that attempt to track users who simply view profiles.

Page Insights

Those who own a Facebook page for a business, interest or cause have access to Insights. Facebook Insights function much like website analytics and tell the page owners more about their frequent users. Insights track user interaction, demographics and popular posts and other media. If you visit a fan page, the page owner will be able to see more about your age, location and interaction -- but will not be able to specifically pinpoint your identity.

Tracker Scams

Facebook spam scams have preyed upon the desire to track profile visits in the past. Since Facebook does not allow applications that track profile views, you can be sure that any advertised application is a scam. These scams often ask you to authorize the release of your personal information or inputting your password, which are then used to hack your account and post spam under your name. Avoid any type of application that claims it can track and display page view information.

Interaction Tracking

The only way that a person can track your behavior on Facebook is through your interaction. While a person won't know if you simply view his profile, if some of his profile information is hidden for privacy reasons, you may have to send a friend request to gain access to hidden information. That will clearly tell that person that you've viewed his Facebook profile. When you comment on his wall or like photos or other media, it will be clear that you've visited his profile.