Wps to Doc Conversion

There are times you may need to change a Microsoft Works .wps document into a Word .doc file. Perhaps you are a Mac user and have Word but not MS Works. You can easily convert the document if you have access to Word, whatever your reason, but a mere change of the file name’s extension from .wps to .doc will not make all the necessary conversions.

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The Main Strategy

Try converting from within Word. Access the "Open" option in Word from the drop-down menu or the toolbar. Don't forget to select all documents, since selecting just Word documents may hide the Works documents. Find the Works document in the folder in which you saved it to your PC and finish opening it. It may have some funny characters at the start and finish, but if the text and images are all there, then you're fine. Go to the menu and click "Save as..." then save the document as a .doc file. If saving it triggers a dialogue box asking you if you really want to convert it, answer "Yes."

An Alternative Approach

Another approach is to place your cursor in the text of the Works document when it is open in Works--if you in fact have Works--access the "Edit" drop-down menu and click "Select All." Then right-click your mouse and select "Copy." This selects and copies the entire document. Now open Word and paste the old document into a new Word document by choosing "Paste" from the menu or pressing Ctrl+V. Save the file as a Word document (.doc file).

Changing Associations

Sometimes when you click an old Works document that you thought you’d changed to .doc format, it opens up in Works, not Word. The problem may be that the word-processing software associated with the file type is incorrect. Somehow Works got associated with the .doc file extension. Change the association as follows: in Explorer, right-click on the .doc file that won’t open in Word, select "Open With," then select "Choose Program," select "Browse," click on Microsoft Word, and then click "Open."

A few other things to check, if things aren’t going right in your conversion, are to go to Tools drop-down menu, select Options, select General, and check ‘Confirm Conversion at Open.’ Another thing to check is that the necessary converter is installed on Word. Go to the converter link provided in the Resources section below. Click ‘Download,’ click ‘Save File,’ and then click ‘Install.’