How to Access the Memory in Your iPhone
Submitted by Misty Barton
In The Beginning
An Apple iPhone can be used just like a memory stick or flash drive when connected to a computer running a Widows XP operating system or newer. You can use the memory to store and view files when moving between computer, and to store important information as a backup. It is also possible to access the memory to transfer information from the phone, like emails, text message records, and picture and video data. Managing your iPhone's memory is not only essential when trying to get the most out of your iPhone technology. It is also imperative to the efficiency of the device.
The Main Steps
Attach your iPhone to your computer by plugging one end of the connectivity cable into an available USB port on the computer, and the other end into the charge and data port at the bottom of the iPhone. Autoplay will pop open on your task bar at the bottom of the screen automatically.
Double Click on the iPhone emblem on the task bar. This will open the Autoplay menu in a window on the desktop.
Left Click "Open Device to View Files" option on the autoplay menu. This will open a new window that shows the memory contents for the iPhone.
Left Click on "Internal Storage" to view objects there were captured and saved by the iPhone in a new window.
Browse your files. Open files of interest. From this window you can view files, delete files and save files to your computer's hard drive.
Right click on "Internal Storage" and Select Properties from the pop-up menu to view used and free space statistics on the iPhone's memory.


  • USB iPhone connection cable

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