How to Add a Search Engine to Google Chrome
Submitted by Steven S. Warren
In The Beginning
Chrome is an Internet browser released by Google that offers a minimalist approach to browsing the Internet. One of the key features of Google Chrome is the ability to add a search engine that is not Google. If you prefer Microsoft Bing or another search engine, you can make it the default engine within the Google Chrome browser
The Main Steps
Click "Start," "All Programs," "Google Chrome." Alternatively, click the "Start" orb and type "chrome" in the instant search box. Google Chrome appears in the list for you to choose.
Click the wrench pull-down menu on the far right-hand corner of your screen and choose "Options."
Click the "Basics" tab. There are four sections: "On Startup," "Home Page," "Default Search" and "Default Browser."
Click the "Manage" button on the "Default Search" section. A list of default search engines is available as well as the ability to add a new default search engine.
Click the "Add" button to add a search engine not listed, such as Dogpile.
Type the name of the new search engine in the Textbox and the URL: In this example, we would type Dogpile as the name and as the URL.
Highlight the new search engine and click the "Make Default" button. Dogpile will now be your default search engine in Google Chrome.

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