How to Capture a Photo With a Laptop Camera
Submitted by Nade Xro
In The Beginning
Many laptops now come equipped with an integrated camera. This feature saves the user from having to buy and carry around a webcam, and also eliminates the process of uploading photos and installing new devices. The quality on an integrated camera isn't quite as good as that of an external camera, but the pictures and videos will still appear large and clear.
The Main Steps
Click on the start menu and select "My Computer."
Click on the "USB Video Device" located under the "Scanners and Cameras" section.
Click "Take a New Picture" in the task bar to open the camera program.
Position the intended subject of the photo in front of your laptop screen. A preview of what the camera is picking up will appear onscreen. When you're happy with the image, click "Capture" to take the photograph.

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