How to Check the Version of Internet Explorer
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In The Beginning
Internet Explorer is a popular Web browser in Windows systems. Depending on the operating system installed, a Windows-based computer may support more than one version of Internet Explorer. In general, newer releases of Internet Explorer are more advanced and integrate a more comprehensive feature set than older ones. The latest version of Internet Explorer can be downloaded from Microsoft for free.
The Main Steps
Launch Internet Explorer. Double-click on the shortcut icon on your desktop to open the program's interface. If you do not have a shortcut pointing to the program, click on "Start" and locate the "Internet Explorer" entry in the program list. Click to launch the program. You do not need an Internet connection to launch Internet Explorer.
Locate the toolbar near the top of the window. The first item in the bar is "File" and the last one is "Help."
Click on "Help" to view the options in this sub-menu. Scroll down to the last option, and click on "About Internet Explorer." A small dialog box will appear in the middle of the screen, with the program's version number and other information.
Launch Internet Explorer. Usually, the shortcut to the program appears on the Windows desktop by default. Double-click on the icon to open the program's interface. If you do not have the shortcut icon, click on "Start" on the bottom left of the screen and locate "Internet Explorer" in the list of programs. Click to launch.
Expand the toolbar. In newer Internet Explorer versions, the toolbar is hidden by default and has to be expanded in order to view its contents. Press "ALT" and "H" on the keyboard to reveal the bar and open the "Help" sub-menu; other sub-menus include "File," "Edit" and "View." You can access each of these sub-menus by pressing the "ALT" key in conjunction with a special shortcut key.
Scroll down to the bottom of the "Help" sub-menu and click on "About Internet Explorer." A dialog box will appear with the program's version, as well as other information such as product ID and usage terms.


  • All programs in Windows have a "Help" sub-menu which can be used to check the program's version number. Always keep your software up-to-date and download the latest version, because the upgrades typically resolve some security and performance issues of previous versions.
  • Before downloading, make sure your operating system supports the latest version of a particular program. For example, the latest version of Internet Explorer, IE 8, is compatible with Vista and Windows 7, but not XP.

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