How to Clean up a Windows Startup Menu
Submitted by Cesar Castro
In The Beginning
When you turn on your computer, an onslaught of applications run at start-up, which can cause your computer to become sluggish and even unresponsive. Utilizing Microsoft System Configuration Utility, you will be able to configure the programs that run at start-up.
The Main Steps
Click on "Start" located on the lower left corner of your screen. Click on "Run" and type in "MSCONFIG" without the quotations. Click on "OK." Microsoft System Configuration Utility is a Windows tool that allows you to configure computer components, like programs that automatically load at start-up.
On the Microsoft System Configuration Utility menu, click on "Startup." The utility tool will compile a list of all programs that start when your computer boots.
Uncheck any programs that you do not want to run at start-up. Little repercussions will occur if you disable all programs, but your computer will load faster at start-up. Some of these repercussions can be as simple as your favorite program not automatically running at start-up. Use personal judgement to determine what programs you want to see at start-up. However, you should enable anti-virus and anti-spyware programs at all times. Enabling security programs will ensure that your computer is protected from computer viruses. Click on "Apply" then "OK" to complete the process.


  • Microsoft System Configuration Utility

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