How to Connect to Netflix With My Samsung Blu-ray Player Using a Wireless Network
Submitted by Rebecca Gilbert
In The Beginning
Samsung created Wi-Fi Blu-ray players to reduce the tangle of cords and take advantage of Web-ready apps available through their products. With the wireless feature, you only need plug in the Blu-ray player and connect it to your home's wireless network. The process takes only a few steps to complete.
The Main Steps
Turn on your television and the Samsung Blu-ray player after connecting the video and audio to your television set. Go to "Settings" on the television menu and press "Enter" to select it, or press "Menu" on your remote.
Choose "Network," then "Enter" from the menu listed on the screen. Select "Network Settings," then "Enter." A wireless network setup wizard appears.
Select "Wireless (General)," then "Enter." Select your network from the list that appears. Enter your security password for your wireless network. Choose "Done," then "Enter." Once it connects, select "OK," then "Enter."
Add the Netflix app from the Samsung Apps store. Once you add the Netflix application, set up your Netflix account.
Select the Netflix app on the television screen. It will generate an activation code for you to enter into the Netflix website.
Log in to your Netflix account on your computer. Enter the activation code into the text field.


  • Contact either Netflix or Samsung to troubleshoot any errors while connecting your account.
  • Samsung Blu-ray players do not work with wireless WEP security keys.
  • If you have more than six activated devices on Netflix, you need to deactivate one and replace it with your Samsung activation code.

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