Disadvantage & Advantage of Mobile Phones
Submitted by Pallab Dutta
In The Beginning
Mobile phones have revolutionized modern communication and empowered consumers and users. The advent, acceptance and proliferation of mobile phones has democratized opportunities and avenues for millions of people. Rural, hinterland and underserved areas are now interconnected to urban areas due to cellular communication technologies. However, like many consumer technology applications, mobile phones have their own distinctive disadvantages and advantages.
The Main Steps
Disadvantages include limited attention span to other activities and tasks while chatting incessantly on mobile phones, hazardous driving while conversing and being a slave to the crutches of this wireless communication gadget.
While there are many conflicting studies on the negative health effects of incessant mobile phone usage, male infertility, microwave radiation affect on the brain and irregular sleep patterns in pre-teens and teens have emerged as some of the major mobile phones usage related health issues.
The wireless communication function is the best advantage provided by a mobile phone. The ability to communicate via voice, text and even email has made anywhere, anytime human-to-human interaction possible across vast geographical areas.
Mobile phones can be used to give alerts or early warning alarms concerning various emergencies such as medical emergencies, weather-related disasters, accidents and crimes.
Industries, businesses and entrepreneurs have leveraged the new-age tools and applications-based capabilities of smart phones and other high-tech mobile phones.

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