How to Embed a Youtube Video into the New Facebook
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In The Beginning
Although the new Facebook has added a number of changes that are not loved by all Facebook users: there are some changes that have made this social network much easier to use. For instance using Facebook to embed Youtube videos is easier than ever before.
The Main Steps
Open your YouTube home page. Then use the 'Search' box in the menu at the top of the page to find the song you want to embed on your Facebook Wall or send as a message to a friend.
When the YouTube video page opens, click on the word 'Facebook' below the video, in the second row of the menu.
When the Facebook-Share Window opens, click on 'Post to Profile' to embed the video on your Facebook Wall then type a message in the 'Whats on your mind' box. Next click on 'Share'. Or ... to send video to a friend, click on 'Send a Message' to embed the video in the message to your friend then type a message in the 'Message' box. Next click on 'Send'.
To see the YouTube video on your Facebook Wall, open your Facebook to your 'Profile' page.


  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Facebook account
  • Youtube account


  • The YouTube directions are easy to follow.

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