How to Fix SIM Card Errors
Submitted by Krista Martin
In The Beginning
A subscriber identity module or SIM card is a small card that that provides your phone with a network connection, when inserted properly. SIM cards are provided by your service provider. SIM card errors are usually associated with incorrect insertion, damaged cards or invalid type of SIM for the cellular device you are using. In most cases, it’s easy to fix, but it is recommended you contact your service provider if problems persist. Your phone will usually identify when there is a SIM card error.
The Main Steps
Turn off your phone by pressing the “Power” button and remove your SIM card. The SIM card is usually located on the bottom of the phone or underneath the phone's back cover.
Inspect the SIM card for signs of damage. If you’ve dropped your phone in any way, you may have knocked the SIM card out of alignment. It might be better to have your service provider re-align the card in case you accidentally cause more damage to it.
Insert the SIM card with the gold bands facing down. You may not have inserted the SIM card properly or it may not have been pushed in all the way.
Check to make sure your SIM card is compatible with your phone if you’ve purchased a new SIM card.
Turn the phone back on by pressing “Power.”
Talk to your service provider if you are still experiencing problems. If you’ve recently changed your service providers, you may need to have your SIM card configured. Also, recurring problems could be a sign that your PUK or personal unblocking key was entered incorrectly. Only your service provider can fix these problems.

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