How to Increase Cell Phone Signal Strength
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In The Beginning
Cell phones have changed the way the world communicates. The convenience of being able to contact family and friends just about anywhere on the globe is something no one thought of until the end of the twentieth century. These little devices have brought the world together and not having good signal reception is very common and extremely frustrating. Increasing cell phone reception is very important and is easy to do; here's how.
The Main Steps
Move the cell phone to another location where the reception is better. Walls, metal roofing and other forms of signal degradation vary from location to location. Move around to find the greatest signal strength.
Place a cell phone booster to the inside of the battery compartment. These devices serve as extra antennae for the cell phone and frequently prevent dropped signals. Buy these at any cell phone dealer or even retail stores such as Wal-Mart or K-Mart.
Use a cell phone signal repeater within the home to increase cell phone signal strength. These are available at cell phone stores, electronic retailers and at online retailers. These devices increase the power signature throughout the home to reduce the effect that walls and other electronic components have on cell phone signals.
Travel to an area where hills, mountains and even large bodies of water affect the cell phone strength. Cell phone signals work best when there is a clear line of sight between the handset and a cell phone signal tower. Water reflects the signal away from such towers and mountains and hills obstruct the reception.


  • Cell phone repeater
  • Signal booster


  • Use the cell phone when the weather is clear. Oddly, cell phone reception increases when the atmosphere is moist, but not humid.
  • Look for a replacement antenna for the cell phone. Retailers and cell phone dealers often carry larger more substantial antenna replacements for increased signal strength.

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