How to View Internet History
Submitted by Andrew Tennyson
In The Beginning
Windows 7 computers come bundled with the Internet Explorer Web browser. Firefox and Chrome are two popular alternative browsers developed by Mozilla and Google, respectively. Unless you are browsing the Internet in a private window, each Web browser stores a record of the pages you view. This record is called your history. Viewing your Internet history can be a handy method of recalling sites you want to visit again. It can also help you to keep tabs on the viewing habits of other people using your computer.
The Main Steps
Launch Internet Explorer from the Windows Start menu.
Click the Favorites icon in Internet Explorer. The Favorites icon is a yellow star.
Click the “History” tab in the Favorites window to load your Internet history.
Click “History” on the main menu in Firefox to load the History drop-down menu.
Click “Show All History” on the History drop-down menu.
Click “Today” in the left-hand column to view pages accessed today. Click a month to view pages visited during that month. Enter search words in the “Search History” box to search by keywords.
Click the wrench icon located in the top right corner of Chrome.
Click “History” on the drop-down menu.
Scroll down to view visited pages. Click the “Older” button to view older results. Enter search criteria in the search box at the top of the History window and click the “Search history” button to view visited pages that match your search terms.


  • This is great for seeing what websites your teen, child, husband, or coworker have visited.
  • You can even see which facebook profiles have been visited.
  • Calm down before confronting someone about visiting an inappropriate site. Use your words carefully.
  • For parents, it is best to have the computer in a very public room for your teens to use.
  • It is possible to the internet history to be erased.

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