How to Make Words Clickable
Submitted by C. Taylor
In The Beginning
To make words clickable on a Web page, you need to convert them into hyperlinks. Create a hyperlink with simple HTML code that surrounds your text, tagging it as a link. After you upload your updated page, visitors will see the newly created links and be able to click them. These links allow your visitors to delve deeper into your site or access related information.
The Main Steps
Open your HTML page in a basic text editor, such as Notepad.
Locate the words you want to be clickable.
Type the following code before the words: <a href=""> Replace the URL above with the destination URL. This can be another absolute URL, which offers the exact address to a page, or you can use a relative URL that addresses the a file on your website relative to the current HTML page. If the page resides in the same directory as your HTML page, you can simply enter the file name, such as "page.html".
Type </a> after the words you're making clickable
Save the page and upload it to your server. The words surrounded by the code you typed are be clickable.

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