How to Find Out Who Is Calling Your Cell From a Private Number
Submitted by Kelly Smith
In The Beginning
Technology has surfaced that allows you to find out who is calling your cell phone from a private number. Landlines have made it easier to track private callers because in most states you can dial *69 immediately after and call the person back. People have been unable to track unknown or private callers from their cellular phones. When people call you from a private line, no numbers show up, and with the huge influx of cell phone numbers in North America alone it has been next to impossible to find out who is calling you. This may be a concern to you if someone is harassing you from a private line.
The Main Steps
Access the Internet and go to the Trapcall website referenced below.
Choose one of their payment plans depending on what other service you may need and sign up. As of 2010, the fees start at around $5.
Use the unblock private number plan through your Trapcall plan by pressing the ignore or reject button on your phone as soon as the private caller calls you. Contact the Trapcall people to ask them how to do this with your particular phone.
Wait. Trapcall is doing its job of finding out the number and possible identification of this private caller and will call you back with that information. See how this works by watching the video on the website.
Listen and watch for the private caller to call again with the number unblocked.


  • Right now this service is offered to people in the United States who have cellular plans with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

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