How to Find A Stolen iPod
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In The Beginning
What would you do if one day your iPod was plucked out of your jacket pocket? You'd want to find it and get it back. Every iPod bears a serial number. Some preventive action can go a long way toward finding your stolen iPod.
The Main Steps
The minute you get your iPod, write down or document the serial number. Apple provides every iPod a unique number. If you can't find your serial number, go to the Apple website and search for My Support Profile. Sign in with your Apple ID to display a list of devices you have purchased and their serial numbers.
Call the police and report the iPod stolen. Supply the serial number, time and place it was last seen.
Add your iPod to the list of stolen articles at Here you can see hundreds of stolen items. This way, if someone finds or buys your item, it can be traced back to you.
Install the "Find My iPod" app on your iPod Touch as soon as you buy one. Then, if it is lost or stolen, you can locate it from any web browser or other Apple device. The iPod Touch places itself on a map. If you identify a location, contact the police before attempting to retrieve the device on your own.

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