This Robot Mop Will Clean Your Floor While You Do Literally Anything Else

You know how mopping your floors requires you to actually do the mopping? Well, there's a new Kickstarter project that's about to make mopping a hands-free job.

The Everybot RS700 can mop any floor without human direction. It has built-in multi-directional and multi-axis sensors, meaning it can detect and avoid obstacles like furniture, pets, babies, shoes, backpacks or anything else left on the floor. It has a vertical floor sensor, which gives it the ability to sense drop-offs and hazards like staircases, floor vents, and drains.

If you have a specific area that needs some extra attention, you can use the remote-control to direct the robot where to spend more time. Like, for example, the kitchen floor where a certain toddler (or a certain grown up) may have knocked over a glass of orange juice. It can control the speed and direction of each pad on its own by implementing and optimizing cleaning action automatically.

No matter what types of floors your home has, the Everybot can clean them. It comes equipped with seven different cleaning modes, and the oval shape allows it to fit into and clean corners that haven't been cleaned in an embarrassingly long time (you know the ones). You can even use it in Handy Cleaning Mode, which lets you pick it up and clean desks, tables, windows, cars, etc.

Two dual spin mops are able to control the speed and direction of the Everybot, which means the little guy doesn't even need wheels. It can clean everything from dust to wax residue to stains.

Click here to find out more about the Everybot and to back the project. It has already far surpassed its goal, which isn't surprising at all, because there are far better things to do with your time than mop.