Santa Will Send Personalized Messages to Your Kids Through This App


Christmas is a magical time, especially for kids who believe in Santa. The Portable North Pole app is dedicated to making sure kids keep believing by experiencing all the magic of Santa and the spirit of Christmas in a personalized way.

Video of the Day

Through the app (or the website), you can put together a free, customized video or phone call from Santa to your kids. And it's so well done, it can turn a non-believer into a believer—or at least into a maybe-believer.

Thanks to a little guidance from you, Santa will know your child's name, what grade she's in, what she wants for Christmas, and whether she's been naughty or nice. You can also make a more grown up/humorous version of the video for adults.

For a premium upgrade of $9.99, you can get unlimited full-length videos for as many kids as you want. Kids can even take a tour of Santa's house, plus the app will record your child's reaction to Santa's call. If you buy the magic pass for $13.99, your kids can watch animated video stories about how Christmas is celebrated in countries around the world. For both upgrades, the app will donate 5% to a children's hospital near you.

Create your free Santa video message here and watch your kids lose their minds with excitement.

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