Holiday Gifts You Can Find for Your Pets on Amazon

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Most of us treat our pets like they're our children. They eat the best food, sleep on the coziest little beds (or in our beds if they're lucky), play with fun toys, and cuddle with us when they're sleepy. So, why shouldn't they have gifts to open during the holidays just like human children?


They should.

And thanks to Amazon, gifts for your pets are literally a few clicks away and can arrive at your house within one to two days if you have Prime.

So, here are some awesome gifts for your dog or cat from Amazon, because the holidays are for everyone.

Furbo Dog Camera

Let's start with the most expensive gift. The Furbo Dog Camera lets you see what your pet is up to when you aren't home. Using AI-powered dog recognition, Furbo can detect and notify you of important dog-related events happening at home. Through the device, you can talk to your pet and and toss him treats from anywhere.


Buy it on Amazon for $169.

Lobeve Dog Toys Gift Set

This gift set for your dog comes with 10 toys. You can wrap each one individually, or give your dog the whole pack at once. She'll be happy either way, because toys.

Buy it on Amazon for $18.


Edible Card

Wish your dog (or someone else's dog) a Merry Christmas with this edible card. It comes with an envelope, so if your dog has a thing for the mail carrier, mailing it could be an added element of excitement. Your dog already knows he's the worlds best dog, but now he'll really know.

Buy it on Amazon for $5.


OurPets IQ Treat Ball

Treat your dog or cat to a ball filled with treats. Your pet will learn how to dispense the treats, promoting healthy and active feeding. Adjustable feeding difficulty levels challenge your pet as she learns.

Buy it on Amazon starting at $7.50.



Dogs can't get enough of the Kong. Fill it with treats and let your dog go at it. You can even fill it with peanut butter and place it in the freezer if you want it to last longer.

Buy it on Amazon starting at $6.59.


Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Bed

The perfect way to help your pet feed cozy, warm, and safe. The Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Bed is ideal for any dog or cat who likes being covered while sleeping.

Buy it on Amazon for $30.