This App Charges You If You Don't Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

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As a grown adult human, you've probably made a few weight loss goals in your lifetime. And, if you're like most people, chances are you haven't always met those goals. It's not that you aren't capable or willing to put in the work, it could be that you just don't hold yourself accountable. Plus, food is delicious.


Well, now there's an app that'll take care of the accountability for you. Motivatr is an app that asks you to set a weight loss target for the next 28 days (anywhere from one to ten pounds). It requires you to put down money to help motivate you to reach that goal—whatever you're willing to pay if you fail (the minimum amount is $250). Then enter your credit card information and upload a photo of your scale as proof of your starting weight.


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After one month, upload another photo of yourself standing on the scale with both feet and one hand visible (so you don't cheat). If you haven't met your goal, you'll be charged the full amount.

Motivatr is meant to be used as a tool for people who have tried diets but have failed. According to cofounder Arjun Reddy, who was inspired by the work for Nobel Prize-winning behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman, Motivatr relies on the concept of loss aversion—the idea that people are more motivated by the thought of losing money than by winning it.

So, if you need want to lose weight as much as you don't want to lose money, download Motivatr here.