Anna Kendrick Wants Twitter to Know That She's Not Anna Kournikova

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Anna Kendrick is hilarious. Have you seen her movies? If you haven't, you should. But she's even funnier on Twitter, as proven by her latest thread of tweets that are pure comedy gold.


The actress called out Yahoo for something that was obviously a mistake (albeit a weird one). Here's what happened: Pop superstar Enrique Iglesias and former professional tennis player and all around badass Anna Kournikova shared an image of their brand new baby on Instagram. Yahoo covered the story, because new babies are exciting. Sounds pretty normal, right?

Well, instead of using a photo of Kournikova (or even Kournikova and Iglesias together) as the featured image, Yahoo used an image of Kendrick. Both women are named Anna, and both of their last names start with K, but both women are not Anna Kournikova.


Kendrick noted the confusing mixup in her tweet:

Since Kendrick is clearly not a tall blonde tennis player, she naturally wondered if perhaps Yahoo thought she was the baby.

Someone responded to Kendrick's tweet with Photoshopped (obvs) images of the new parents and their baby, Anna Kendrick. Because the internet is just the best.

So, if we've learned anything here, it's that Anna Kendrick is not Anna Kournikova and she's also not a newborn baby. Plus, mistakes happen, but sometimes they're just too funny to ignore.