Samsung Introduced a TV That Can Literally Be the Size of Your Wall

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TVs aren't going to be replaced with any futuristic tech anytime soon (you know, like flying hologram screens or whatever)—not that anyone thought differently. All the major TV manufactures were on hand at CES 2018 to introduce their new TVs with next-gen techonologies, but the most notable one comes from Samsung.


The Wall, as Samsung so perfectly named it, is a 146-inch 4K MicroLED TV. That's pretty huge, right? Well, it's a modular TV, which means it can be scaled up to fit an entire wall. It can also be scaled down if you aren't interested in having a movie theater-sized screen in your living room.

As far as the technology, MicroLED is an emissive display, which means its individual pixels create their own light and can produce perfect blacks and incredible contrast. It's a huge improvement over the LED TVs that dominate today's market.


Here's a quick video CNET put together on The Wall:

Samsung didn't just create a massive TV, the company also promised that all of the futuristic tech it showed off at CES will be marketed in 2018. So, a TV the size of your wall could be happening soon.