Learn a New Language for Free With This Fun App

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Learning a new language isn't what it used to be. You no longer have to sit through hours, or an entire semester, of lessons in a classroom if you don't want to. Now you can purchase programs like Rosetta Stone, or better yet, use Duolingo, a completely free app that teaches you the language of your choosing in bite-sized lessons.

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Here's how Duolingo works

Choose from 28 languages (the app will show you how many other people are also learning that same language). Then choose a daily goal for how long you want to practice per day—from 5 to 20 minutes.

Create a profile or sign in to Google or Facebook to keep track of your progress. Then either start with the basics or take a placement test to determine your level. There are 67 new skills to master, including words, phrases, and grammar. And the lessons are actually pretty fun.

Heads up though—if you're learning a language that uses non English letters, you'll need to have a keyboard that types in those characters.

Download Duolingo for iOS and Android.

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