The 'This Is Us' Episode You've Been Waiting for Will Air on Super Bowl Sunday

Warning: If you're not caught up on This is Us episodes, you should probably stop reading now, turn your TV on, and CATCH UP ALREADY!

OK, here come the spoilers:

Jack Pearson dies. That much we know. And now we know that he dies in a fire caused by an old faulty Crock Pot that, honestly, George should have just thrown away instead of giving it to the Pearsons. Ugh.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the episode all This is Us fans have been waiting for will finally air, and it's not going to be easy to watch. After two years of teasing Jack's death, the day he dies is finally here. We haven't been able to fully grieve Jack's loss since we haven't known the full story, but according to Mandy Moore (aka Rebecca Pearson), Sunday's episode will bring a lot of closure.

"I can't wait for fans to see our Super Bowl episode," Moore told Entertainment Tonight. "People will get a lot of answers and will be able to move forward. I think for everybody's sake it'll be a good thing."

So grab your tissues and take some deep breaths, because it's probably going to be the most emotional episode yet (which means it's going to be brutal). This is Us will air this Sunday right after the Super Bowl.