Amazon's Alexa Has Her Own Songs, and She'll Sing Them for You

credit: Amazon

Alexa has a lot of skills. Some of those skills are incredibly useful, like telling you the weather for the day, ordering a pizza, and playing pretty much any song you could ever thing of. And some of her skills are purely for entertainment purposes, like, if you ask her to, she'll sing to you. But not just any songs, original ones written specifically for her.

Video of the Day

When you say "Alexa, sing me a song," she'll be humble about her singing for a second or two, then she'll rock a tragic love song about losing Wi-Fi. Which, of course, we can all relate to.

She has another song about sailing the seven seas you can hear by asking her to sing you another song. She also sings a funny one about technology, which you can hear by saying "Alexa, sing the technology song." It's no Grammy winner, but it provides a good chuckle. And sometimes, a laugh is exactly what we need.

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