The Coolest iPhone Cases You Can Buy Right Now

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When it comes to finding the right case for your iPhone, the options seem to be never-ending. Companies continue to come out with cases that promise to protect your phone when you accidentally drop it on the ground (or in the toilet). This story is not about those companies.

This is the story of iPhone cases you've probably never seen before. The ones the most creative, tech-designing minds have created. They exist purely because they're awesome, and maybe they provide some protection as well.

The best part of these rad iPhone cases is that they're all available for purchase right now. Check them out:

Watercolor case

The perfect case for anyone who loves painting and awesome things in general. This case looks like you're texting on an actual watercolor palette.

Buy it here.

iBroke case

If you're someone who always seems to have a phone with a broken screen, this one might be exactly the phone you need. You know, to make it seem like you totally meant for the cracks to be there.

Buy it here.

Medieval girdle leather case

This medieval girdle leather case is perfect for reenactors, or just for people who love a solid leather case that hooks onto a belt and looks like it's from 1865—if 1865 had iPhones. The case is made to order, so you just need to let the designer know which smartphone you have.

Buy it here.

Retro Nokia case

#tbt to when you actually owned a Nokia 3310. Now you can pretend to own one all the time, while still using your iPhone with way better graphics (and way better everything, obviously). Disclaimer: the case doesn't come with Snake.

Buy it here.

Electrical outlet plug case

This one's fun just because. Sold by Zazzle, the site has lots of electrical outlet cases to choose from for all different models.

Buy it here.

Etch-i-Phone case

Have a piece of your childhood with you at all times with this retro Etch A Sketch case. It's definitely a conversation starter, but just a warning: everyone's going to want to play with it.

Buy it here.

Vintage mixtape case

Remember mixtapes? Of course you do. Well, welcome back to the '80s and '90s!

Buy it here.

Old school calculator case

Because you never know when you'll need math. Or pretend to need math.

Buy it here.