My Tamagotchi Forever App Brings Nostalgia to Your Smartphone

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Digital pets were all the rage in the '90s. They lived inside small handheld devices and required attention and food on a daily basis. If you failed to provide them with the care they needed, they died. Just like real pets, except way less fluffy and adorable.


Now, over 20 years later, you can adopt a new and improved digital pet. Tamagotchi is bringing the '90s to your smartphone with the My Tamagotchi Forever app, and you won't even need to carry around a brightly colored egg-shaped keychain.

The game is played the same as the handheld version—you need to feed it, entertain it, clean up after it, wash it, and put it to bed. To keep it happy and healthy, you must fulfill its needs. Earn virtual money to buy supplies for entertainment and food, and earn coins by playing games within the game.


Unfortunately, to advance in the game, you really need to either spend real money or watch 30-second ads. The in-app purchases can get pretty pricey—some reaching $99. So, just beware of what you're buying (or what your kids are buying). The temptation to purchase diamonds to skip waiting for your Tamagotchi to sleep is real.

Check out the trailer:

My Tamagotchi Forever also supports augmented reality functionalities using ARKit for Apple and ARCore for Google, which allows you to play with your Tamagotchi in real surroundings like your living room or backyard.


No need to constantly check on your Tamagotchi, as notifications can be sent to your phone. But if you ignore the notifications, well, you know what'll happen.

Download My Tamagotchi Forever for iOS and Android.