This AR Geometry App Turns Math Equations Into Virtual Objects

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Image Credit: Screenshot / Jill Layton / Geogebra AR

Not everyone's brains are wired to grasp math concepts. Some kids are visual learners and need to see actual objects to understand an equation. It's no surprise that with augmented reality, you can do just that.


GeoGebra AR turns 3D graphs of math equations into virtual objects. Place a math object on a flat surface, take screenshots from any angle, and the app superimposes shapes over the background. You can walk around or through objects.

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Guided activities help you discover math in the real world with real objects—as opposed to just numbers and shapes on a piece of paper. And the app includes examples of 3D math objects that you can place on your table, floor, or any flat surface.


For example, learn how to construct a soccer ball from a regular icosahedron (a three-dimensional 20-sided solid).

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